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December 21, 2014

Of course
Do you ever catch yourself saying "of course?"

"I stopped at the store to get some bread and of course they were all out. Jean just called and of course she won't be able to come to the meeting. I installed the new software and of course I can't figure out how to get it working."

When you say "of course" do you realize what it implies? That whatever you were expecting, is what actually happened. Of course. Do expectations create your reality? Of course they do.

So make a practice of expecting the best. "Of course the meeting will go well. Of course I'll understand this. Of course we can do that.

You'll rarely get more than you expect. Usually, you get exactly what you expect. So expect the very best.

Copyright Ralph S. Marston, Jr. Used by permission. From The Daily Motivator® at www.dailymotivator.com

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