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February 28, 2015

Move on ahead
In every setback is the opportunity to pick yourself up and the energy to move to an even higher level than before. The more the bowstring is pulled back, the faster the arrow will fly. The more you are pushed back, the more potential you can develop for moving forward.

When they appear, the setbacks seem devastating. And yet, even in despair you can feel the raw energy, ready and waiting to be applied in a positive direction. True, that energy can take you down even further if you let it. Make the choice, instead, to move forward with it.

With every fall comes an opportunity. It is up to you to seize that opportunity and to come back even stronger than before. Success is not a function of how many times you fall, but of how fast you get back up. When you're able to recover quickly enough, the setbacks will actually propel you forward. Get right back up, and you'll see you've been dealt a great opportunity.

Copyright Ralph S. Marston, Jr. Used by permission. From The Daily Motivator® at www.dailymotivator.com

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